Sun Q

Sun Q – the band from Moscow, playing garage/ psychedelic/ stoner rock with female vocals. It’s like Royal Blood dancing around with Blues Pills accompanied hammond organ, analog synthesizers, percussion solos, baritone saxophone and Led Zeppelin.

Since 2015 Sun Q has released 4 singles, EP and full-length album calls “Charms”. All the materials the band has released were warm accepted in Russian press and some mags abroad like Pure M and Howl & Echoes. Thematic Christmas single “Christmas” topped “Indie” section in Russian digital music service Яндекс.Музыка during several weeks in winter 2015. The first full-length band’s album “Charms” has been released on the 1st of June 2017.

In 2016 Sun Q has started to perform at fests the biggest of which were: ethno-fest Gustar (MD, 2016), showcase fest Moscow Music Week (RU, 2016), Jazz Fest (RU, 2016), Night of Museums (RU, 2016).

Now Sun Q is preparing their European tour, album’s presentation gigs and looking forward to performing at summer fests.


Discography (all self-released):
2015 – Flat (single)
2015 – Almost (EP)
2015 – Christmas (single)
2017 – Petals & Thorns (single)
2017 – Jimmy the Pirate (single)
2017 – Charms (LP)

Current line-up:
Elena Tiron – vocals and lyrics
Ivan Shalimov – music, guitar and arrangements
Denis Baranov – bass
Pavel Potseluev – drums

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Sun Q
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