St. Michel Swamps

St. Michel Swamps


Resurgence of St. Michel Swamps (formerly known as Haunted by the Swamps of St. Michel) is finally a reality after two long years of hard labor. The name of the project has shrunk but the songs are bigger and musical identity has grown stronger without forgetting versatility in styles. In the new EP, Nova Initia, the focus is on both the mellow and harsher sounds of acoustic instruments with some new directions in musical style. Previous dark/neo – folk sounds have been left for the back choir with rock/pop hooks taking more control and leaving you with a nice earworm. Female vocalists from the debut EP have given way for Swedish viking, Rob Lundgren, whose incredible range of interpretation will give your goosebumps and brings a unified atmosphere for Nova Initia.

“A bun kneaded in the comfort of home, newly baked in the oven, and fully organic has taken these chefs to a new level on every sector. If before the spices we used were 70’s acids and leaves of dark forests then now we have dipped our hands in the jars of Zeppelin, Guns, Metallica, Sully Erna and even Adele to get some added flavor to Swamps’ signature soup. Enough with the metaphores, we are damn pleased with the new material and it has been a dream come true to spread our tentacles to the movies throught the superhero movie Rendel”, ponders Swamp guitarist Oke Inoranta.

“New material brings us closer to the sound I’ve been longing for. It’s a nice mixture of instruments with interesting dynamics that give the songs a slight touch of timelesness and even cinematic feeling at times”, thinks Swamp pianist Juho Vehviläinen.

Side-by-side with Rob on the new record presents himself Samuli Mikkonen who has helped Swamps to sound bigger with his groovy drumming. Old friends are also with us: Antti Nenonen aka guitar hero from BRHG, “Stadin Fieldy” Kimmo Kumpulainen and cello virtuoso Juuli Ilmonen.

You can listen to Nova Initia on Soundcloud ( ) also soon on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and many other music stores on the interwebs. We have also taken a very limited CD edition which you can claim by contacting us at stmichelswamps(at) or dropping a message on Facebook at .



Vocals – Rob Lundgren
Drums – Samuli Mikkonen (Profane Omen)
Bass, mixing and mastering – Kimmo Kumpulainen (Pohjoinen, Weedmonster)
Cello – Juuli Ilmonen
Lead guitar – Antti Nenonen (Bloodred Hourglass)
Piano – Juho Vehviläinen
Rhythm guitar – Oke Inoranta

1. Give in to Me
2. My Friend
3. The Day That We Fall
4. Drifter

Haunted by the Swamps of St. Michel EP (2013)
Nova Initia EP (2016)

St. Michel Swamps
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