Sounds From Wednesdsy

Sounds From Wednesdsy



Very talented duo indeed, playing a mix of genres and styles but they are heavily influenced by classic rock and it shows by just listening to them, to be honest its a pleasure indeed and I personally  love the style, Both female and male vocals are just fantastic, they really have the knack of drifting you in. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is second to none.


Steve and Kelle Huddleston are a singer/ songwriter duo from north Texas . Steve started playing guitar and was in a rock band years ago and was one of the principle songwriters for them. He then started writing and playing solo. Kelle started singing and writing lyrics with Steve a few years ago and SFW was formed. Influenced by many genres and styles but heavily rooted in a classic rock vibe. Steve— acoustic guitar, vocals Kelle— vocals, keyboard.


Sounds From Wednesdsy
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