Want something different? how about one fantastic instrumental heavy metal band, these guys hide there faces, is it because there shy lol, no its because they believe in the music & not a pretty face which is a good out look on the music industry as today is mainly bands looking good who cares if they can play attitude. Well SLaM aims to stop all that and make you listen & you wont regret it at all. This is some of the best music i have heard its raw fast paced and totally assume.


SLaM is an Instrumental Metal band. A decade in the making. SLaM is a Power Trio of friends all with similar taste in Music & Movies. Having all performed in various bands with each other it was high time that we put some energy into this Instrumental Project. Our Debut E.P. Noblesse Oblige will be released on 01/12/2014 to over 95 Digital Distributors.


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