Single Barrel Six

Single Barrel Six



Fantastic heavy rock band. Hitting all the highs and lows in all the rite places these guys rock big time. Some super guitar riffs followed by some hard hitting drum beats complementing the vocals. Reminds us of a cross between Disturbed/System Of A Down then throw in some Metallica. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music kicks ass big time.

The initial phases of Single Barrel Six goes back to early 2012. A series of multiple musicians were tried out to form the right band with the right sound. It wasn’t until the summer of 2012 that the band was beginning to shape its form. It was around this time that Marvin Arciniega (bassist), Andrew Diaz (drummer) and Robert Turner(lead guitarist) began the writing process for SB6. The band was then a 4-piece band consisting of just one guitar, bassist, drums and a frontman. After a while, it was decided that a second guitarist should be added to the mix. Several attempts were made to find a 5th member. For some reason, finding the second guitarist posed as the most difficult addition to the band. In late 2012, after numerous tryouts, Robert finally came across Mitchell Wolkow (rhythm guitarist). Almost instantly, the band became whole when Mitchell joined. Therefore, the band was a complete 5-piece group. From then on, Single Barrel Six began to grow in popularity within the Long Beach underground rock scene. From show to show, the band kept rising to new levels. The first EP “Dead Man’s Hand” was released early 2013 and was demanded for highly. The more shows SB6 played, the more the EP was demanded for. 2013 however, was a rough year for Single Barrel Six, as disputes and personal problems arose within several members of the band. The energy that Single Barrel Six carried was slowly decaying and it potentially could have dismantled the band that once was growing. It wasn’t until October of 2013 that yet another line up change was made for SB6. The once known and very memorable 5-piece band became a 4-piece band yet again without a frontman to center the stage. This however did not bring down the band’s progress. On the other hand, the chemistry began to pick up again. Single Barrel Six was then in search for a new frontman. A couple contenders were considered for the position but only one was tried out. Unfortunately, it did not work out and SB6 decided to keep on searching. Before a frontman could be even found however, SB6 was still getting demanded to play shows. It was at this point that bassist and back up vocalist Marvin decided he would fill in the lead vocal parts only momentarily. Three shows after and with a new EP recorded titled “Underneath”, the band decided to just remain a 4-piece band and continue on with Marvin as bassist and lead vocalist. It was after this point that Andrew, Mitchell and Robert’s vocal roles dramatically changed. Andrew, Mitchell and Robert began to heavily fill in the back up vocal space. Single Barrel Six has always been known for the duo and harmonizing vocals and thus this part of the SB6 sound had to remain intact. From this point on, the crowd reactions have gone way up and Single Barrel Six is finally back on their feet and ready for a new and exciting future that only looks promising!

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Single Barrel Six
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