Simple​ Damned​ Device

Simple​ Damned​ Device



Fantastic old school rock band with some unique sounds indeed, very 70s sounding  with a mix of  alternative rock. Lyrically fantastic, Vocally superb and the music kicks. Im really liking these guys they remind me of the T Rex/ David bowie/ Stones  style rock, a must for any collection.


“If Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart got together with John Lee Hooker” -Dj Jack Antonio – CJIM Montreal’s Rock Station We want to know what you think! Since forming in 2010, it’s been a gig-packed couple of years playing LIVE in and around the city of Toronto for this sonically ferocious foursome. Their first Live performance was Dec 4-2012 at The Painted Lady. Since then they`ve had the opportunities of being the opening act for legendary Canadian rockers-MOXY and Lowest of the Low and have played fundraisers and private parties too. After many fan requests Simple Damned Device, better known as SDD on the local scene released (Oct 2014) a self- produced 5 song self-titled EP that was recorded in a ‘Live off the floor’ fashion, mixed and mastered by Suavik Adamkowski at Mixphase Studios. The result has been a prodigious output of metallic ballads, lecherous lullabies, driving dirges and original, sonic salutes to the musically diverse background of each member. Live, they balance tight playing with unpredictability-having been known to improvise entire songs while on stage. Bass and Percussion are the ferociously focused rhythm section locked in at a molecular level, providing Guitarist Kevin Bell a foundation for soaring riffs and solos.. and in front, LFB.. A mercurial performer, at times threatening, fragile, and often seeming physically controlled by every rumble, crash and cry of the band. Honoring the 70’s with bands like The Stranglers, Grand Funk Railroad, Iggy Pop and Bob Mould, the sweet and salty foursome deconstruct and deliver power chords with heavy grooves- a soundtrack of fierce blues/sludge/rock alongside forceful vocals and lyrics that are caustic, painfully funny with raw observations on Love, Lawlessness and Neuroticism. The music is an elemental, raw, organic chaos making you want to fuck, fight or get off the fence. A Live Rock`n`Roll Act not to be missed. Or messed with.

Simple​ Damned​ Device
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