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Brilliant fast paced pop/rock band. Talent is one thing, getting the right combination is another, but these guys seem to have nailed it down to a tee. Female fronted to which will give the likes of Paramore a run for their money lol, but seriously these guys do rock, take a listen on the Tube page and here some of their acoustic stuff, even more proof of a talented young singer. Vocally Superb, Lyrically Supreme and the music is spot on for todays rock/pop clientele.


When it comes to music nothing is impossible. That pretty much sums up the motto behind Silver Silver, the newest boom of high energy pop rock from NY. The group consists of vocalist Allison O’Braza, guitarists Nick Santini and Roxy Pacifico, and bassist Danny Wujcik.

The group is built on having fun, being great musicians, and hard work. Having many years of experience, all the members have been involved in the music world for quite some time. Allison is influenced by bands such as Paramore and Nirvana and draws inspiration from her experiences in musical theater and her love of pop punk. Nick’s great ear for writing catchy songs stems from the unique perspective of having the experiences of being both a guitarist and a drummer in a band. These songs are highlighted by his high energy performances. Danny Wujcik loves playing bass and really shows his emotion live. His rhythm and ear for inventing something that does justice to the song is really what holds glue to the songs. Guitarist Roxy Pacifico hails from a long list of great bands and is no stranger to the Warped Tour scene. Her experience and playing ability are certainly not something to overlook.

The songs are nothing short of well written pop rock tunes. With tunes like “T-Shirt and Jeans” and “C’est La Vie” the group’s ability to capture the audience’s ear is simply uncanny. Other straight in your face rock songs include “Flood In” and “Livin Dreamin”. Don’t be fooled as the band can also write great ballad pop songs like “Existential”.

Silver Silver recorded their debut EP entitled “Livin’ Dreamin’” at Barbershop Studios in NJ. Keep an eye out for it this October!

Silver Silver
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