Fantastic rock band with a twist, that being they are very unique indeed as they created there own new modern rock sound, think the (Beach Boys crossed with Blink 182 and throw in the Monkeys just for the hell of it then add some Foo Fighters + Iron Maiden.)  These guys appeal to all generations and listening to them i think they have pulled it off. Not only are they refreshing and amusing at times but they also know how to bring out some fantastic songs. Vocally superb, Lyrically fantastic and the music is just pure genius. Well worth checking out.


SICK is from Detroit Michigan hailing from the outskirts of Lake Orion. The band is striving to create a new movement in music bringing back Rock and Roll to modern age appealing to both peers as well as old time rock generations. SICK has put their hard work and dedication into their most recent album “Born Wild” released in April of 2014. The album was recorded with Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios and includes a variety of genres per track giving off a unique, dangerous and original tone. SICK has practiced endless hours and tiring practice sessions in order to polish their sound and become the band they are today. The band strives on writing music with endless material and a hunger to make their mark in the music industry. The band is able to compose material for Feature Film, Television and Commercial sound tracks and current music is available for licensing and media placement.


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