Fantastic trio singing an array of different genres with a mix of sounds and instruments. They kind of have an old school sound that’s kind of uplifting and very joyful to listen to. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically just as good and the music is just fantastically unique indeed.


3 friends who love music and decided to make an album of very different Genres called “A Curious Collection”. We did this to show the variety in our writing and vocals and because we all love many kinds of music. Mainly though we did not want to sound repetitive like so many albums which fail to hold the listeners interest. It is an interesting album of contrasting sounds because of this. We enjoyed making it and hope you love listening to it. WE are currently working on our second album “Crazy World” and have shared some of the songs from this/ Hope to have it complete and released by end of the year. Best wishes to all.

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