Fantastic is one way of describing these guys, or how about just pure brilliance. This lot have it all, as anyone who knows me, they know my passion for power/symphonic metal.  Seraphine take it to the next level combining a mix of powerful melodic metal topped with some huge heavy operatic  female/male vocals. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is a touch of heaven and hell of mind blowing proportions.


There are seven members with the female and male leads singers, 2 guitarist, a keyboardist, a bass guitar player and a drummer.

The members of this band have many years of training and experience in creating and performing music. The creator of this band also runs a music studio where he works with many musical artists and bands in recording and mastering their music. He also does work for record labels when they send him their bands to be recorded. He is the lead guitarist and writes the music with the collaboration of the other band members.

Don Belch – Guitar

J Robison – Vocals

Rachel Robison – Vocals

Chris Appenzeller – Drums

Greg Weber – Synth

Chris Evan – Guitar, Griff – Bass

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