Fantastic heavy rock band but don’t be fooled they are very melodic at the same time with real life punching lyrics that actually mean something. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is awesome.


SectaS (cult, sect, domination) is a band like no other. This trios brand of high energy metal featuring Christian Lee (lead vocals/lead guitar) David “Runaway” SectaS (bass) and Johnny Collier (drums/back-up vocals) will invade your very soul. Reminiscent of early Megadeth meets Rush, SectaS’ music is hard driving, yet melodic with a positive message behind every lyric. Christian’s guitar licks rival all of the “guitar God’s” the industry has fed music lovers from day one. Runaways bass tactics tantalize the beast within to scream his name like the teenage groupie of yesteryear, and Johnny’s fierce double-kick abilities will reach into your chest and force your heart rhythm to match his beats. SectaS’ musical influences span from Alice in Chains to Led Zeppelin and beyond, while maintaining a truly unique sound.

Released on their album “Hopes of a New Time”, SectaS’ hit single “Hear Me Loud” ( is an anthem to announce their presence with profound authority. SectaS has opened for amazing national acts such as Queensrÿche, Y&T, Papa Roach, and many others. SectaS has so many stellar accomplishments they could brag about insistently, yet they choose humility and true brotherhood to egotistical rants which is quite rare in music. These qualities make SectaS’ fans loyal for LIFE, not just a passing fancy to anyone that claims SectaS fandom. Christian Lee is endorsed by ESP guitars (link coming soon ). The Phoenix New Times has called Christian Lee one of the top 15 guitarists in all of Arizona ( as well as one if the top 10 vocalists ( Phoenix New Times has also named SectaS one of the top 10 best metal shows one MUST see while in AZ ( If SectaS is playing anywhere near you, missing their show could be the worst decision of your life… Go to and hear what you’ve been missing!!!

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