Good rock/alternative/indie Singer/songwriter with a mix of various sounds and styles.Vocally good, Lyrically just as good and the music is a unique mix of sounds.


After being in numerous bands I decided to do more with a side project of my own. The music is comprised in many parts between programming the drums (I hate using loops, they scream you are not original) programming ambient sounds, recording the guitars, and finally recording vocals and harmonies. I program the drums and nuances on different Fruity Loops programs and then transfer them via wave file from Fruity Loops over to Cakewalk Pro Audio 9. In Cakewalk I record everything from keyboards as well as electric and bass guitars to vocals. From there, once finalized I create the once wave file into an mp3. So, as you can see Im only in a band of one for the time being. Music is a passion of mine that more or less wont take off lol but I can honestly say Im enjoying myself! And for everyone out there thats a musician, Keep It Alive!!!!

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