Scarlett Gypsy

Scarlett Gypsy



Being a fan of good old glam rock its always such a pleasure when one falls at your feet and you realize glam will never die. These guys rock big time with all the right melodic tunes and highs and lows to go with it. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically supreme and the music speaks for itself. Well worth checking out.


Scarlett Gypsy is an American Rock Band originating from York, Pennsylvania with David Matthew on Lead Vocals, Steve Ray Plonk on Guitar & Vocals, Robert Douglas on Bass and Scotty Scarlett on Drums & Vocals. Together these four combined create a great new refreshing sound of old school rock complete with blazing guitar riffs, melodic vocals and infectious hooks. The debut album delivers dynamic ballads and wild party rock’n choruses for all new glam metal heads and rockers alike to enjoy. Boldly combining elements of raw rock with glam fueled gritty guitar riffs, melodic vocals and all-around high-octane music, this Gypsy Band is determined to please every fan’s need to rock-out on hot summer nights to catchy hooks, fist-pumping party-rock choruses and rhythmically loose powerful rock music.


Scarlett Gypsy
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