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How about a little something different then, well that’s what you get with this lot. No particular genre as they play a broad spectrum. Describing themselves as experimental they kind of remind me of a modern day Pink Floyd with a mix of instruments, objects and sounds that take you to that lil trip out place in ya brain. Vocally great, Lyrically Superb and the music is just awesome in its own unique way.


Scarlet INside consists of
Kevin Kennie: Vocals, Guitars, guitar and other synths, percussion and assorted instruments
Brian Johnstone: Keyboards, synths, computers, and all other tech stuff

Other musicians old and new, when available
The band is based in Glasgow and West Scotland.
Scarlet INside record and play a broad mixture of sounds and styles playing an experimental style and a stage show mentality…often using bizarre instruments (such as kitchen pots and pans, Ugandan Harp, didgeridoo…etc…) as well as guitars, guitar synths, computers and drums and other instruments as necessary and when desired
Scarlet INside is a tripartite entity; musically split into three genres.
One is an experimental rock, jazz, prog, blues world music performing band
One is Kevin Kennie as a solo act playing acoustic + singer songwriter material
One is an experimental electro/ambient/soundscape composition and recording act

The first album was a collection of Kevin Kennie (Scarlet INside) acoustic tracks called
UNarmed and UNSteady.
In 2011 we recorded our first ‘rock’ EP, called ‘The Fall’, containing five tracks all music and lyrics by Kevin Kennie but with full band involvement in the production, input and output of the tracks.
The tracks on this CD are a mixture of blues, rock, prog, jazz, folk, dance, African rhythms, Indian melodies, computer beats and synth sounds, screaming guitar solo’s, industrial crunches, minimalist lines and unusual lyrics…just the way we like it.
in 2013 we released our new album ‘The Blood that we Share’, Volumes 1 and 2. containing a wide mixture of genres, styles and experimentation.
Volume 1 is a series of rock, prog and experimental tracks
Volume 2 is a more chilled out rock, acoustic and ambient tracks



all albums are currently available, all available at
Scarlet INside, although loving trial and experimentation in the studio and rehearsal room are a live band and perform regularly. No two gigs are ever the same, no song is ever played the same way twice and there are often new and old and trial songs played at our gigs.

The mastermind and sole member of Scarlet Inside, Kevin Kennie, displays his monstrous music talents throughout these thunderous music landscapes. The music took my ears to lands of new sounds and then to progressive rock waves. This was really deep, moving music, built strongly with voice caverns in perfect placed
settings. FORKSTER respects the music efforts and talents of Scarlet Inside.

‘One of the best examples of progressive music to come out of Glasgow in a long time. You can never predict what type of show you will get from this experimental trio. What’s guaranteed is that you’ll be completely blown away by their superlative musicianship. Check out their latest EP, ‘The FAll’, on i-tunes’
Paul Wishart: Paul Wishart events
‘known collectively as Scarlet INside and their EP is called ‘The FAll’, certainly influences abound in this EP. Not those of other bands however but sounds and sonic textures from other parts of the world. Take the eastern textures in ‘The FAll’ for example, that bring the kind of variety rarely heard in the output of a Glasgow band. You don’t doubt the maturity of the participants either with ‘Dungeons and Fishtails showing a near theatrical demeanour reminiscent of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. None of the songs here are three minute, radio friendly snapshots of ice-cream and summer days, but that is hardly a criticism. ‘The FAll’ is the work of an intelligent and committed band.
Review by: Bluesbunny
The bluesbunny,
‘A much stronger performer was Kevin Kennie. A little box of electronic tricks kept his acoustic guitar company for most of his set and that allowed him to stretch out his songs to near prog-rock dimensions. That’s not actually the the insult it sounds like, as there was no doubt the Mr Kennie could both sing and play and I can see him having a lot of appeal to chilled out rock fans
The bluesbunny,

Scarlet INside
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