Scarlet Aura

Scarlet Aura


Scarlet Aura – Female fronted melodic metal / rock band from Romania

Scarlet Aura emerged as one of Bucharest’s most exciting new acts after claiming the winning spot at the Kavarna Rock Fest battle of the bands competition in 2014 in Bulgaria, proving their worth and talent, winning the hearts and votes of the audience and since then – have been winning the hearts of fans worldwide.

The band started its adventure as AURA in 2014 releasing their first album “The Rock Chick”. The rebranding of the band came in 2015 with a better-defined identity that says everything about their electric personality and reflects their will to have a unique name in the international music industry.

The lead singer – Aura Danciulescu, the apparently frail little blonde vocal with an electrifying voice and charismatic presence, got the nickname “The Princess of Metal”. She received this title, as she impressed the public not only with her voice but also with her stage presence and style, wearing unique costumes and props.

In the short time Scarlet Aura have been on the music scene, they have been named Romania’s most successful female-fronted rock act, rising to perform alongside legendary acts such as Europe, Helloween, Nazareth, Accept, Gotthard, Sabaton, Jorn, Pretty Maides, Delain, Battle Beast, Dave Evans & others, as well as headlining many stages & festivals across the nation.

Since the release in 2014 of their debut album “The Rock Chick” via Universal Romania, the band’s “Aura“ (Nimbus, Energy Field) has spread worldwide and as a result of this – they have taken their first trip as a band to the United Kingdom to perform in Camden Town, London. Later they presented their new album to Roy Z, the legendary producer (Bruce Dickinson, Helloween, Judas Priest and many others), who really liked their music and consequently he produced their new record “Falling Sky“.

A turning point in the journey of Scarlet Aura was joining Tarja Turunen on her “The Shadow Shows Tour” in October 2016 that coincided with the release of their second album “Falling Sky”. Nine concerts with Tarja made the band known in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and made the public very interested in the band and music – a fact that can be seen in the successful CD sales. As an opening act, Scarlet Aura impressed and received a lot of positive reviews from international magazines of their live shows and also for their album. As the interest in their music started to grow and more and more promoters started to show them to the world – they demonstrated that Scarlet Aura fits perfectly into the contemporary metal scene.

The “Falling Sky Tour” continued into 2017, brought the band with their first solo concerts back to Germany, saw them performing at various festivals in Eastern Europe, including the “Midalidare Rock Festival” (BG) in June 2017, where they have performed alongside with Doro Pesch and Gotthard and where Doro invited the lead singer Aura Danciulescu to join her on stage and perform a duet together.

From there the band’s story continues with the new management and recording contracts – a new record deal with the Finnish company Outlanders Productions brought the Romanian act and their music closer to the West and North of Europe and thus the first material is being promptly released.

The band is the first Female-fronted band from Romania, which has managed to successfully tour outside their home country.

We want the public to know that no matter where we are, as long as we are on stage, we are there for one reason only: to make them happy! (Scarlet Aura)


03/2014 – “The Rock Chick” (als “AURA”), Universal Music Romania (RO)
10/2016 – “Falling Sky”, Pure Records (DE)
09/2017 – “The Beast Within Me” (Single), Outlanders Productions (FI)
09/2017 – “Memories”, Outlanders Productions (FI)


“Impressive, with a lot of playfulness and a singer who not only convinces through vocal quality (…) Scarlet Aura always manages to incorporate paintbrushes into the already entertaining set, whether with Indian feather jewels or angel wings (…) plus a great sound and even clever lighting. This is unfortunately rare enough with support bands, but everything is right here today. How else would you explain the furious applause?” –

“…the Scarlet Aura sound could be described as melodic hard rock touched with a metal edge, but with some nuances (…) …the girl can sing, the songs rock, and there was enough variety and invention to keep me interested. Recommended.”

“The song [“The Beast Within Me”,] turned out to be multifaceted and very “theatrical”. Thanks to the non-standard structure, the aggressive vocals of Florin Kostachita, who was invited to be a special guest on this song, and Aura’s emotional manner of performing, you suddenly find yourself sympathizing with the lyrical heroes. … Talking about cover versions of “Do not Talk to Strangers” and “If I Close My Eyes Forever”, I can’t help noticing the band’s approach to the reworking of these songs. There is not only the professional performance of rock hits, but also the feelings that Aura puts in every line. … The single “The Beast Within Me” fulfilled its role, becoming a link between “Falling Sky”, marking a significant change in the band’s history, and the upcoming album “Memories”. Progress is obvious: the atmosphere is sustained from the first second to the last one, melodious bridges and roaring, raw guitars replace each other that makes the sound of the single closer to heavy metal.” Metal Gossip 08/2017 (8/10)

Aura Danciulescu – Lead vocals
Mihai Danciulescu – Lead guitars and Vocals
Catalin Ungureanu – Bass guitars and Vocals
Sorin Ristea – Drums

Scarlet Aura
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