Scarlet Angel

Scarlet Angel



Wow a super female fronted metal band. And what a pleasure to listen to, reminds us of Heart crossed Garbage  with that classic rock style yet combined with some great modern sounds of melodic and metal, with awesome guitar riffs. I am really digging these guys and highly recommend you check them out.  Vocally supreme, Lyrically superb and the music is just pure, raw honest and mind blowing.


Originally called Manns Best Friend, Scarlet Angel have been together since October 2012. The band itself has taken it’s own route in the musical direction they are heading and, what started out being a male fronted band with a concept album about a serial killer, a year of writing and 4 different singers later, they are now fronted by female vocalist Kat Calvert. All other members of the band stay intact and they are currently revamping the songs from Manns Best Friends debut album ‘Memoirs of a Serial Killer’ to fit Kat’s powerful vocals as well as writing new material ready for the projects second album. The first as Scarlet Angel, it will be released early in 2015.

Scarlet Angel
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