Sammy Faith

Sammy Faith

Growing up in Scotland from a young age I loved writing, and very early on became an enthusiastic young musician too; mainly paying trumpet and piano – later touring with youth orchestras and various bands/assembles throughout my teens. Despite my love for music (which never left) I completed a BSc degree in Speech-Language Therapy and moved to New Zealand to work with students with special needs when I graduated. My music playing and writing was literally shelved for fifteen years, until several major life events unfolded; including a traumatic marriage breakdown, having to find work and a new home and facing life a single mum of two beautiful young children all within a matter of a few months….At a time when everything solid in my life had crumbled, I had also suspected for about 18 months too that my son had autism – he finally received his ‘formal’ diagnoses shortly after I left my husband the following year. I was utterly lost, but kept faith that everything would be okay… For our (now party of three) family, music had always been our joy in fun play times, and I knew that music had been the only way to connect with my son up until that point (as he was ‘living in his own world’ almost exclusively and I was losing him more and more). I sat down at a piano which I had bought to have fun with my kids and wrote him a song called ‘Indigo Child’. It was the first time I had written and sung for years and was the turning point to get me back into doing what I love-song writing. We’ve continued down a very rocky path at times, but every day is a beautiful gift! I am now spending much of my free time writing and composing again which has allowed me to process a lot of the potentially negative things into musical poetry. My kids are amazing and thriving too and we have so much love and laughter round us. Lots of juggling late nights, tears, laughter, fitness and health (as a much loved necessity and now job), love, music, amazing children and parents and friends, healing time, along with lots of inspired learning and re-learning have all been part of the mix…2017 was a total trip and 2018

will be the same I’m sure, with several international projects already underway along with the release of my debut solo album, ‘Circles’.

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Coming out soon on through Tunecore…

Massive thanks and kindest of regards

Sam Faith Bell (Scottish chick living in New Zealand)

Sammy Faith
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