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Ryan Webb



Wow this very talented rock solo artist is fantastic reminds me of a cross between U2 and Bruce Springsteen but with his own unique sound mixed in. Vocally amazing, Lyrically supersonic and the music is just uplifting, passionate and fast paced all in one. This is one guy that would fit nicely into your record collection.


Many artists peak in their early twenties and disappear into an endless routine of churning out their greatest hits, but for London-based Ryan Webb the time is now for the world to appreciate the talents he has developed from years of hard graft and utter determination.

Breaking the mould of your stereotypical rock star, Ryan is a musical chameleon. Blending his natural musical abilities with an unwavering dedication to his craft, an artist emerges that we can be excited about.

Now with his own identity found in the rock world, and the passion for music still pushing him forward, Ryan has a fully formed band ready to explode on to the music scene. An EP three years in the making is almost ready to be released. It has been a long process, but one that Ryan didn’t want to rush or take lightly. Taking pride in his work he wanted to make sure the band met his vision, and as if by an act of fate everything fell into place in a matter of weeks.

2015 looks set to be the year Ryan gains the recognition he deserves as a talented artist and fluid musician.

You can hear his self titled EP on Ryan’s Soundcloud. The 5 track EP was mastered by Pete Maher, who has worked with the likes of U2, The Killers, Paul Weller, Katy Perry & One Republic, to name just a few.

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Ryan Webb
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