Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac Salford Feb 28th

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Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac Salford Feb 2015

Having seen this band a while ago I wondered if they could produce a dazzling performance as before ?
The answer is a big fat yes!

Its hard for me to convey how good these guys are, mainly because they are so close to the real thing,
it makes you think you have gone back in time and you are sat watching the real Mac.I think one reason why they are so good is the fact they have played in lots of other bands, so they are real musicians and there’s not a drum machine in sight !

The set consisted again of a great mix of 70s Mac though to late 80s, along with some Steive Nicks solo stuff and not forgetting the blues years from the 1960s .

So, my advice is see them as soon as you can and if Mick Fleetwood thinks there are the leading FM tribute band, then they must be and if you dot believe him or me then visit

By Tony Charles

Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac Salford Feb 28th
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