Ron Artis II and Thunderstorm

Ron Artis II and Thunderstorm



Something different  and very refreshing indeed. This duet made up of two brothers are awesome, with a cool calm blues/soul alternative feel complimented by some fantastic lyrics and vocals their talent beams through in bucket loads. Vocally superb,Lyrically supreme and the music is pure,real and honest. Listening to them is like being chilled on a sunny day.


Ron and Thunderstorm
Having created music together since they could walk, brothers Ron and Thunderstorm interweave their voices and instruments like few can, delivering melodies that go straight to the heart. These brothers really bring their all-original compositions alive with soulful vocals and uplifting harmonies while featuring finely crafted musicianship.  Earlier this year, Ron and Thunderstorm garnered much acclaim for their Wanderlust Festival debut (opening for Nahko and Medicine for the People), and their headline performance at Doris Duke Theatre with special guest, Paula Fuga.

Ron Artis II and Thunderstorm
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