Rockbandomonium 2015 Loud & Proud!

Rockbandomonium 2015 Loud & Proud!


Saturday 25th July 2015 Bury St Edmunds gets LOUD!!!!! with ‘Rockbandomonium’ all in aid of charity.

Cancer is something that has affected so many of our lives personally and many of the bands we know have also lost loved ones or cared for someone that has thankfully managed to get through and gone in to remission. Here at Rockbandom Radio we knew the perfect way to show our support and give something back to the charities that have helped…

The Venue, 10 awesome bands, a massive bunch of rock metal fans, add them together and that made the perfect event to raise much needed funds for  Star Throwers & The Addenbrookes Charitable Trust.

A totally awesome day was had by all those who came along including band members, venue staff and organizers. It got hot, smokey, loud and went on in to the early hours of the next morning which is just how we like it 😉 then to top things off we raised £638.50. \m/ ‘Brilliant!’.

We would like to say a massive “THANK YOU” firstly to the bands because without you obviously there would have been no event to put on. You were all truly amazing and very well behaved, no rock n roll diva moments breaking guitars or equipment etc lol (only joking you know we love you all 😉 )

Clunge Plunger

The Torsion Field



No Story Goes

Saigon Kiss


The Art Of Escaping

Kemakil and


Secondly to Michelle and Derek Wilson who kindly put their trust in us and let us take over their Venue for 15 hours. ” you two are the nicest people and we are so glad to have become your friends”.

Thirdly to our organizers, DJ’s and staff. You all worked so very hard not only on the day but before hand too.  You  basically worked non stop making sure everything ran smoothly. Something that Scott and I will always be immensely grateful for. Sending out the biggest hugs for you all (although you’re probably fed up with that by now lol 😉 )

Jim Brett Martin

Nathaniel Mineart

Nick Barker

DJ Terrier

DJ Lynn

DJ Adamski

Jason Salter and

Kayleigh Salter.

Finally and probably the most important “Thank you!” goes out to each and every single person that came along to show their support not only for the charities and Rockbandom Radio but also for the bands.  Already looking forward to seeing you at the next one 🙂 .


Pictures from the event can be found in our Gallery.

Rockbandomonium 2015 Loud & Proud!
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