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Rick Warren




Very talented singer/songwriter with an outstanding voice indeed. His songs are both mellow, uplifting and calming falling into the alternative, rock, indie genre there is no stopping this multi talented artist. Vocally supreme, Lyrically superb and the music is just pure honest and most pleasing to listen to.


With his father an opera teacher and mother a singer/actress, Rick Warren is both vocally gifted and classically trained. He listened to opera as a child and later became enamored with the music of Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, and Nick Drake, all of which helped him develop his unique music style.

At 17 Warren signed a production contract to record and promote a John Mayer style album of original material. Warren quickly became disenchanted with the music industry, as well as the pop style of these early songs. He quit touring and began a career producing other artists (The Front Bottoms, Thank You Scientist) after studying music production at the Institute of Audio Research.

While working as a producer Warren became fascinated with the psychology of music. He earned a degree in psychology and was soon a published author in several academic journals. His first leading-author publication will appear in the top music psychology journal Music Perception. In 2014, he began a PhD program in neuroscience at Columbia University, where he currently studies.

Since leaving his production contract at 18 Warren continued to write songs, working relentlessly on four studio albums without any intention of releasing them. He also formed the New Jersey band HMS Revenge with two current members of the Front Bottoms.

Warren has decided the time is right to once again release his music. His album Proximity is two years in the making, and features Americana-style instrumentation with the addition of lush string arrangements composed by Warren himself. The release will be accompanied by an album-length, one-take music video.



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Rick Warren
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