Fantastic instrumental metal solo artist with some of the best guitar playing I have heard in a longtime, full of highs and lows with riffs a plenty there no stopping this music pulling you in and letting your imagination run wild.


Revald is a danish one man metal band since 2009 by Anders Revald.

Sounds Like: You decide.
Genre: Power, Epic, Prog

The album ‘In Perpetuum’ is a single, constantly growing and developing album which consists of two chapters, so far. Chapter I is finished and Chapter II is in the making. I add new music whenever i can in between working a full time job and being a family man.
I make instrumental music for two reasons, basically. One reason is that I’ve tried to write lyrics, but wasn’t satisfied with the results. Maybe I’ll give it a shot again sometime.
The other reason is that I like the idea that besides reflecting, with a title, my idea of what a composition is about, I’d like whoever listens to assign their own mental images and thoughts, if any come to mind.


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