Rescue Raiders

Rescue Raiders

Rescue Raiders 2.15


Wow great female fronted heavy metal band and we mean great, the rock scene needs more female metal that’s for sure and these are no exception at all, they rock big style. Think Heart, Courtney Love, Garbage then throw in some heavy modern rock sounds and you end up with a mix of metal awesomeness. Vocally superb, Lyrically fantastic and the music is pure metal.


Rescue Raiders is a San Francisco Bay Area-based heavy metal band. Formed in 2014, it is a collaboration of, primarily, local professional musicians. What: To the Rescue is Rescue Raiders’ full-length debut album, released in January 2015 on the indie label PD Records. Its songs are a return to an older style of metal, featuring heavy guitar and drums, with powerful, articulate vocals. Ergo, the album has a somewhat “retro” feel. All of the album’s songs are original, with the conspicuous exception of “Alone Again,” the 1984 Billboard Top-100 hit (it peaked at #64) by Dokken. Although the song also reached #20 on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks charts, it has never been recorded and released as a cover until now.

Rescue Raiders
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