Fantastic indie/rock band with that great 90’s influenced sound. Reminding us of Muse crossed with The Killers. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is ace. These guys wouldn’t be a miss in your album collection, you would almost expect it to be in your top ten, but dont take my word for it check them out yourself.


Redtwelve Irish based Rockers Redtwelve are an energetic four piece band with lovely hair and fashionable facial stubble. First came “Who’s Eddie, then Bagatelle…The Corrs and now its Redtwelves’ turn!! We have some cracking songs and very loyal fans. If you’re in an doubt about our music just remember to crank it up to twelve!…ahem. Along with this the band have so far in recent times been nominated for “The Most Promising New Act” at the Meteor Music Awards, Recorded live for Dave Fanning and have been shortlisted as one of the top unsigned acts in the country to battle it out in the following: Jack Daniel’s JD Set, The Jack Wills Competition, The IMRO showcase Final, Hot Press Tiger Untamed & Castle Palooza Competitions as well as winning their outlet final for “Our Thursday” with Guinness. The Band has been compared to the likes of Muse, Placebo & The Smashing Pumpkins by many music lovers along the way. Played alongside: Glen Hansard, The Frames, Villagers, The Minutes, Bell x1, Josh Ritter, Aslan, Duke Special, The Wall Brothers etc.. What the media are saying: “Redtwelve have a well deserved reputation as a potent live force. That they have managed to capture their power and glory in the studio on this impressive debut bodes well for the future. From the buzz-saw guitar of opening cut ‘unopposed’ to the Cure-like jangle of ‘Afraid’ and the low-key, almost pastoral acoustic folk of ‘Caught Inside’, their versatility is impressive. They even demonstrate some clever pop smarts on the Killers-like ‘Just Another’ which, if released as a single could well achieve chart action. File under promising its well worth the wait! “. “ – Hotpress 11’ “A fusion of intense, raw music and Ciaran Boylan’s stunning vocals, Redtwelve are further proof that the need to look elsewhere for quality rock bands has evaporated.” – Hotpress 11’ “Redtwelve have got themselves a little gem of an Album here both vocals and lyrics have a bolt of passion that can be felt in every note.. The album is a journey of melodic bliss and has got some super rocking songs and mellow ones too….. superb stuff”. – Musicreview unsigned 10’ …we went to hear the hard rock sounds of Dundalk’s ‘Redtwelve’ and they didn’t fail to deliver. This is a quality band with a few really good songs, a fine vocalist and superb musicians….


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