Fantastic hard rock band with great sounds indeed. Sounding like a cross between Ozzy and AC/DC  these guys are just great to listen to. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is both old school hard rock with modern sounds mixed in.


Rauchenstein is a hard rock band based out of San Antonio, TX. The band seeks to infuse heavy guitar rock reminiscent of the 80’s/90’s while delivering songs with a modern hard hitting Rock N’ Roll edge.

Rauchenstein emerged late in 2012 and found instant recognition from fans and the music industry. Rauchenstein won a National Battle of the Bands competition sponsored by Guitar Center and was a featured act on Slash and The Conspirators Apocalyptic Love Tour. Rauchenstein has been recognized by ReverbNation as a premier global Rock Band. Rauchenstein has been described as “Black Sabbath Undercover,” “A Rock Powerhouse,” and “Mind Blowing.” Rauchenstein continues redefine the modern Rock Genre; winning over fans, song after song, from all around the globe.

Rauchenstein is on an unstoppable mission to fuse old school rock with modern, kick you in the balls, hard hitting ROCK. The sound and feeling of Rauchenstein’s music hearkens back to an era when Rock bands delivered the goods . . . Masterful guitar laden rock, melodic vocals, chest thumping bass, and heavy-handed drums.

Should’ve Known Better features anthem style vocals, grinding guitar riffs, spine tingling guitar sols and culminates with an out of this world Talk-box solo that will leave you reaching for the repeat button.

Should’ve Known Better is the first single released from the upcoming debut album “A Heavier Tomorrow,” which will be fully released by Spring 2015. Rauchenstein hopes to rock your world for three minutes and forty-five seconds and have the honor of you calling you a fan!





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