Queen’s Ransom

Queen’s Ransom

Queen’s Ransom is an alternative rockband from Sweden currently consisting of 4 young and creative guys.
Founded in 2015 the members of Queen’s Ransom got together to create something that they had never done before. The project started out as a “just for fun” kind of project but quickly turned out more serious when the members saw the pontetial that the group had within it.
After years of previous experience creating music in different constellations, touring, and working with music in some way, the members mashed their inspirations together – and out came what now is Queen’s Ransom.

Within a month of releasing their selftiteled debut EP, their songs were being played on national radio and they had multiple shows/festivals coming up.

The band is currently working on their upcoming fullength album, planned to be recorder during 2016 and released in early 2017 The future seems bright – with numerous shows and tours to be announced the band is just getting started.

Links to social media/streaming services:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/queensransomband/
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/queensransomband

Queen’s Ransom
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