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pushseven 12

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Fantastic heavy rock band full of highs, lows and some cool riffs. Reminding us of The Foo Fighters or Nirvana but with a smooth cool melodic metal sound accompanied by some awesome guitar solos. Any rock fan would be hard pushed not to like these guys. Vocally Superb, Lyrically fantastic and the music just rocks.


Pushseven12 is a German rock band from the Rhine-Main area founded in July 2012. Dean Sonsalla (guitar), Ingo Martin (bass) and Michael Gerlach (drums) were allready playing together, but they wanted a fresh start with a new singer. They found Roman Scherer, who also plays the guitar, and they started writing songs right away. In 2013 they recorded a self titled EP with 5 Tracks, one year later, at the end of 2014, the released their first full album „Sweetmeat“ with 10 Songs. All four of them come from different musical backgrounds and they have quite different musical tastes. With pushseven12 the combine all these different influences and try to create songs with a rock attitude that are fun to play – and to listen to. =========== Thanks a lot and please let me know if anything is missing Roman.






pushseven 12
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