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Fantastic rock band indeed reminding us of Pearl Jam or Manic Street Preachers. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is sheer rock at its best.


The years 2011-2013 were marked by over 50 concerts in
Switzerland and in France, the released of a fi rst EP “In
the wild” and saw Julien Brousset (vocals and guitar),
Eric Pellouchoud (bass and backing vocals), Yohan
Ravera (drums) and Alban Wirthner (guitar), achieve their
ambitions. Prestigious performances, such as the Gampel
Festival, Geneva’s PTR Usine or Crans-Montana’s Caprices
Festival allowed Progstone to confi rm everyone’s opinion :
the group is an adventure to be seen live where their brute
energy is fully unleashed !
In 2014, Progstone released its long-awaited fi rst studio
album and the least we can say is that the group hasn’t
skimped on resources ! Recorded at the Alternative
Recording Studio in Sion (Switzerland) mixed in Seattle’s
(USA) Londonbridgestudio (Ten – Pearl Jam, Tripod – Alice In
Chains, Louder Than Love – Soundgarden…) and mastered
in Los Angeles (USA) by Howie Weinberg THE maestro
(Nirvana, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2,
Muse…) OUT FROM THERE offers a maturity and roughness
just waiting to be released on stage ! Stay tuned !!!
Progstone’s four musicians have come-of-age. They benefi ted
from the swiss and french stages to grow exponentially.
Infl uenced by stoner and progressive rock, these guys are to
be watched closely.
From the outset an impression of rock music made for Route
66 is given. It is a well-known rock format… but watch out,
we are dealing with contrast and depth. This is not a series
of classic riffs, but an all which makes it naturally charming
and mesmerizing.

The voice without doubt takes the auditor towards the
Seattle region to remember forgotten melodies and damn,
does it feel good !
Musically, the band seems to fi nd its originality in the
progressive variations of two guitars playing alongside
vocal harmonizations. These guys confi rm that they are
already old wolves on the swiss stages and know where they
are going. The perfect match of muscle and emotion fi nds its
reward when live.

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