Kenny Hathorne – Vocals
Matt Bryant – Guitar
Jake O’Donnell – Guitar
Ben Greener – Bass
Josh Fulcher – Drums

Poynte (pronounced Point) is a hard rock group founded in January 2012 and based in Atlanta, Georgia. The band is comprised of sincere musicians who still take pride in lyrical content and musical movement. With every single note planned to support the emotion of the song, the band delivers on their uncompromising vision. From the syncopated drum and bass lines, to the layers of guitars that support the vocal melodies, Poynte is a well-oiled emotion machine that leaves audiences of all ages captivated and wanting more.

The band’s vision has always been clear, and that is to write heartfelt music while retaining their commercial viability. Through a relentless and sometimes tumultuous pursuit, the solidified lineup has finally been carved into stone. These five musicians have completely embraced that shared vision, and the musicianship to make Poynte complete is now in place. This incarnation is what Poynte has needed to be to take the band to the next level.

(Note: The quintet has promised to donate all the sales of their current single “Take Control” from their Bandcamp to the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.)

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