Phil Middleton

Phil Middleton



Superb singer/songwriter and we mean superb, with mellow acoustics on the guitar accompanied by some super lyrics and soft calming vocals makes this guy a real pleasure on the ears. Vocally superb, lyrically supreme and the music is just pure honest and from the heart.


PHIL MIDDLETON Phil Middleton is a name that is recognised by his peers as an established singer, songwriter. Born in Mosside, Manchester, he has collaborated with many well known artists over his long and eventful career in the music industry. His abilty as a guitarist and vocalist have enabled him to play with artists from alomost all genres of music. To name a few, such as Sad Cafe (one of Manchesters most successful bands), John Cooper Clark ( Punk Poet playing his first EP), Dorren Edwards (Singer with Simply Red). He has played most of the major venues in the UK either as a band player or fronting his own band. At the present he is playing mainly solo gigs doing a mixture of original song and covers arranged in his own unique style. From the many songs he has written, he has released an album ‘SoFa So GooD’ which you can hear/buy on itunes, and is due to realease another in March this year.





Phil Middleton
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