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Paul Limb



A very unique solo artist with an amazingly different sound almost like a Floyd blues country rock mix with some T Rex thrown in for good measure. Vocally good lyrically as good and the music is interesting to say the least has that trippy quality feel to it  with a big blues influence. quite enjoyable if I am  honest.


I am an old git, been playing a long……long….time . I used to go to see bands such as UFO, Hackensack, Budgie, Be bop deluxe. etc. at Notts boat club and at Buxton pop festival when still at school, and at art college. So well into what we now call classic rock, but what we called progressive in those days. Introduced to the music of Jimi Hendrix, loved his playing and voice, but could never figure out his chords. Penny dropped years later, then I started listening to the blues. I am a big fan of all musical genres, exploring them through my songwriting. I play in two cover bands too for fun, but my own solo stuff lets me play, write and sing my own original tunes. I get a steady flow of likes when I post links, and a few internet stations have played some of my songs. So if you fancy hearing something fresh, give my tunes a listen, remember ……like a box of chocolates, they all have a different flavour, so……if you don’t like one you may the others. The recordings are done on crude 2nd hand stuff not worth listing, and I use a variety of guitars, but surprisingly, for recording, most of the songs are with a squire strat, through a basic fender 15g practice amp you get in a cheap first guitar package. My other is an old 1959 Broadway, with a neck pickup I potted, and a di-marzio dual sound pickup mostly set out of phase. I got this as didn’t want to carry my L6S on my motorbike to practices, so got the broadway from a 2nd hand shop, and modded it, and it fit in my duffel bag. I often use a few pedals to enhance the upper mids, but that’s more or less it apart from the odd one or two. If you want to know email and ask me. I have been asked if the songs are autobiographical, and I’ll give the same reply Ian Anderson said when they asked if Aqualung was about himself, he replied “No, its about some other sad old bas#*rd”, they are mini short stories you may say. Anyway not you’re usual Bio, but hope it helps, cheers Paul

Paul Limb
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