Pastel Motel

Pastel Motel




Cool indie rock band with a unique sound, Reminds us of a heavier version of the White Stripes crossed with Muse and the Smashing Pumpkins. Vocally very good indeed, Lyrically really cool due to the fact the album is a progressive story based on a fictional character which makes for cool listening, it flows so well and one song blends into another seamlessly. There music is brilliance its self and suits every note to lyric they preform. We like this band as we are fans of all three bands mentioned above and these guys make for a truly great listening.


Perceptive yet accessible, Pastel Motel is a melody-driven band that infuses progressive and psychedelic elements into their catchy indie rock. The band self-released their experimentally tracked debut album “Subject is Subjective”, in December of 2013. Their debut is a multifaceted concept album following the story of a fictional character in an allegory of human nature.

Pastel Motel
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