Outright Resistance

Outright Resistance


Having formed in early 2011, the band quickly found its feet self-releasing ‘Don’t Eat My Organs’ unto the world and began playing shows in and around various rural counties such as Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire with a few shows interspersed in the city of London.

One of their notable achievements (which the band is most fond of) was the opportunity to have shared the stage with London-based hardcore veterans TRC & the then newly infamous band Hacktivist creating waves in the music scene across the world with their heavy, groove laden sounds and dark grime vocals at the Hatfield University Forum in 2013.

Fast forward to the formative months of 2015 Outright Resistance released its debut EP ‘Poveglia’ into the wild abyss along a lyric video for the song ‘We Are Here’ letting people know about their willingness to be there to talk to and listen to absolutely anybody whenever they need them, a point that the band isn’t shy of hammering home at every gig they play whether it’s for a rant to let off steam or simply a chat about emotions, gender identity, sexuality or mental illness they want to help however they can.

The band was one of six finalists in the 2015 London based Metal to the Masses competition to play bloodstock festival, despite not making it to the new blood stage the quintet continued their widespread assault across the country with an eight day DIY tour with Norwich based metalcore quintet Silenced By Shadows in July.

With plans to record another EP coupled with some tours stretching the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland in 2016, Outright Resistance shows no signs of slowing down or stopping any time soon.



Tour Dates w/ Go On Dying & Guests;

[04/03/2016] The Bridge, Shefford

[05/03/2016] Rock Zombie, Dudley

[06/03/2016] Le Pub, Newport, WALES

[09/03/2016] Chameleon Café, Nottingham

[10/03/2016] The Snooty Fox, Wakefield

[11/03/2016] 13th Note, Glasgow

[12/03/2016] The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh

[13/03/2016] Head of Steam, Newcastle

[14/03/2016] The Shed, Leicester

[15/03/2016] Milo Bar, Leeds

[16/03/2016] Green Door Store, Brighton

[17/03/2016] The Bull (Sound House), Colchester

[18/03/2016] Club 85, Hitchin

[19/03/2016] Nambucca, London


Poveglia EP (2015)

Steel City Sessions EP (2015)

Don’t Eat My Organs (2011)

Points of Contact

Email: outrightresistance@live.co.uk

Web Presence: www.facebook.com/OutrightResistanceBand
@OR_Band -Twitter

Outright Resistance is

“Captain” Paige Lee Vocals
Michael “Grandad” Worsley Guitar/Backing vocals
Joe Jacobs Guitar
Chris Everett Bass
Michael “Nelly” O’Neill Drums


Outright Resistance
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