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‘Not Today’ are a 4 piece alternative/punk band from Omagh, Co. Tyrone.

We originally started as an acoustic project, under the working title of ‘U.N.I’ before original members Ayrton and Darragh headed of to university. With a bundle of songs and a love and passion for music we decided to up the game and go electric with the addition of Emily our drummer and later joined by bassist Jason. After a few months behind closed doors writing music we played our debut in our hometown and quickly became a regular for the local scene. In summer 2015 we recorded our debut EP ‘Let It Light’ and was release on the 30th October, recently it has been made available on all platforms amazon/itunes/spotify. Since recording the EP we’ve christened venues across NI in places such as Derry, Enniskillen, Tempo, Newtownards and the list in expanding. We also have been working on our debut single ‘The Get Go’ which is set to release in late February. ‘The Get Go’ was featured on BBC Radio Ulster’s ‘Across The Line’ by Rigsy and Stuart Baille before the release of our debut EP with comments:

“It reminds me of ‘Dinosaur Jr.’ and ‘Teenage Fanclub’ and it’s got that slightly nonchalant, slackery, grungy, twisted guitar sound and they do it with great passion, it’s that 90’s rock and roll thing!”

Our EP has also been shared by worldwide famous author Darren Shan who’s books we’re an influence on one of the songs written for the EP. We’ve really exciting plans for the future and hope this is only the beginning for us with better music to come and all nearing to finishing school our degrees so we can focus souley on the band.

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