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Nordic’s Yell



We always welcome bands from across the globe but very rarely do the French make an appearance to us let alone not really knowing much about the French rock scene. But these guys popped our way and boy am I glad they did, A hard hitting alternative rock band with an incredible sound, accompanied by the lead singers gruff calm fantastic sounding voice and some awesome backing vocals they know how to harmonize rock and they do it very well. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is just rocks.

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Nordic’s Yell, french rock band. It’s the story of two brothers passionate about music,their musical world is inspired by Ataxia, Black Label Society, Wardruna or Stone Sour. They compose music and lyrics and sing about their hopes, their vision of the world. The aggressivity of Lorenzo’s guitars reflects a revolt that you can felt in the lyrics of the band. Niels sing for awareness: stop being a quiet spectators and become actors of your life.

They did not hesitate to go to Canada / USA to work on their new album (January 2014-April 2014).

They record their first album “Nordic’s Yell” with Jerome Duclaut on bass guitar and Tomy Rizzitelli on drum. The album was released in August 2014, recorded at Magic Studio (St Peray) and mastered by AbsoluteStudio (New York) .

This album of 11 tracks reflect the different influences of the band, rock, blues, stoner and acoustic, this album is a trip into a vast musical universe.

 Already broadcast on radio stations worldwide (USA, EU and Canada).

Nordic’s Yell
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