Nick O’Demian

Nick O’Demian



Fantastic modern day musician. influenced by rock, metal, blues & jazz. This guy is different yet surprisingly cool with his mix and mash of modern instruments infused into rock mixes of all kinds accompanied by some cool gruff lyrics. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is just a pure mix of genius.


Nick O’Demian believes in the idea of being one to serve, not be served, although who can turn down a little service once in a while? Embracing modernity while resisting the ever-increasing sponsored forays into our personal lives, O’Demian is a musician for the modern age. With eyes, heart and soul set upon interpreting the past, present, and future he rejects the ongoing loss of personal liberty and freedom and searches for truthful answers to age-old problems. O’Demian is thoughtful and pragmatic, yet totally unpredictable all the same. He’s like your favorite wingman; dependable and trustworthy with a penchant for going wild while still keeping even-keeled enough to perhaps make it to church on a Sunday morning. His music is a blend of various musical genres, with an emphasis on rock, metal, blues, and jazz. Spend some time with Nick O’Demian and you’ll know for sure that everything is gonna be just fine.

Nick O’Demian
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