Nick Lamb

Nick Lamb

Music is the Soul’s interpretation of life’s moments!

Nick Lamb was born the third son of a magnificent writer, Lorraine Lamb, and an incredible performer, Tom Lamb. His parents toiled in obscurity in a small coal town in central Pennsylvania where they raised Nick and his four brothers in extreme poverty.
Nick’s Father, Tom, was the local town celebrity playing and singing country music and Rock N Roll on the local radio stations and town functions including the annual policeman’s ball. Tom could bring down the house with his voice, charm, and an acoustic guitar. The day he died they held an all day tribute on WPHB in Philipsburgh Pa.
Lorraine Lamb was a full time Mother fitted with the task of raising 5 boys, six if you include her husband. Her passion was writing; she tapped away at her old typewriter finishing 3 historical romances; (they were never published)She learned to write via correspondence course and by reading her favorite novels! She told her son, “you have the best parts of both of your Father and I!”
Thus a career in Music, and writing was etched in stone by the chisel of fate long ago. Nick can play guitar, drums, sing and compose! He went to college late in life at the of age twenty-nine and earned a Bachelors degree from Pennsylvania State University in Film/Video. He then worked to get his Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from Wilkes University.
At the age of thirteen, Nick received his greatest gift, a one speaker cassette deck player and two Def Leppard cassette tapes. He would begin his dream of a career in Music then and it has carried over to today. His influences are many, From classic rock of the 60’s 70’s to the sleaze metal of the mid 80’s including bands like Salty Dog, Faster Pussycat, Guns and Roses, Ozzy Osbourne, to heavier stuff like Slayer and Metallica Megadeth and Judas Priest. In the 90’s he took up with Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains. And found his way to Chris Cornell and Audioslave in the 2000’s, as well as Velvet Revolver, STP, NIN, and Tool. There are far too many influences to mention but aforementioned are a few. Nick loves most music and his spectrum starts at The Cranberries and goes all the way to Slayer! However, he will tell you that there is something special a guitar accompanying a great rhythm section that awakens his spirit inside!
Growing up poor may have been a disadvantage financially, but it gave Nick the ability to see passed the superficial things in life and gave him an appreciation for the most important things, Family, Friends, and Passion! Nick writes songs about the friendships he’s made, the moments in life that build who we are, and ideally, who we are at any given moment. He is a master at capturing the emotions of these moments and has a unique way of telling stories through song lyrics and music composition. He considers music as his religion and respects each genre. His particular preference is Rock N Roll for where else can you express who you are, what you want to be, and all that comes with the journey of finding one’s self???
When he was a child he dreamed of being a Rockstar, but now he wants only the chance to perform his creations to an audience that would have him.
Life is a storm and music is one of the many forms of Shelter we seek. Music has been Nick’s shelter his entire life!

Nick Lamb
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