Nick Caster

Nick Caster



Very talented singer songwriter, and we mean talented, classed as hard rock and reminding us of Hinder, Hurt and 3 doors down Nick is bound to please. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is just supersonic. Very nice to listen to indeed one to check out.


I’m Chasing my dreams straight to the top, Into a sky that has no Limits!!!
A fresh new sound of Rock/Metal/Hiphop/RnB Following my dreams to be a national artist one day with God’s Help. I am a Original/Cover Artist, song writing and collaboration with Don Garrett former member of Shattered Hopes & Security. The Way I Am was recorded by Dan Coleman Soundworx Studios in Phoenix, AZ. We would like to bring you original music from all genres Country/RnB – Rock – Hip hop – and METAL!! I have been playing guitar and singing for 15 years. My styles are a variety of Metal, Rock, Country, Hip Hop, RnB. I have lived in Detroit, Chicago, and Arizona, taking in music from all different Genre’s trying to make something diverse as possible. 3 songs on my upcoming EP will be Hard Rock the Other Country I want to do something nobody else has done!!!

Nick Caster
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