New Revamp On Rock Bandom Radio

New Revamp On Rock Bandom Radio


We started a new year with a new look and now we have moved forward to play all genres so we appeal to everyone, but do not fear our roots are still rock. Hope you all like the new look.

We have now upgraded our servers to for better quality and better sound and along with this has brought on a change to how we now play our unsigned/indie music on our rotation auto dj when there are no live shows on. Before we didn’t really have a system in place we would just upload random unsigned/indie songs etc. Which wasn’t a really fair way of doing things as some of you got played more than others.

So now to keep it fair we will upload per month, so basically bands we have come in for a said month will be uploaded that month as they come in and placed highest out of all music on our rotation. After that month they will be placed in an archive playlist and played at random for 6 months.

We find this an easy and fair system to use this way you all get a good chance of being heard and that’s what its all about. Also for all bands already in our magazine etc.

keep us updated with your new songs.

Thanks for all your support


Rock Bandom Owner.

New Revamp On Rock Bandom Radio
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  1. I’m already loving the new look and it’s a lot easier on the eyes as well and the new server is a lot clear then the other one great job Scotty

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