New Day Revolution

New Day Revolution


New Day Revolution was born from the struggles and tribulations of the American working class. Their music is an aggressive, yet realistic, sonic landscape that takes the listener through the conflicts of everyday life. New Day Revolution consist of Dakota Starr on vocals, Andrew Rodger on guitar, Marc Rance on bass, and Anthony Wendler on drums. When together, these men create a musical force containing soaring melodies and chest pounding riffs with honest human emotion that cannot be denied. After combining the powerful music with the intensity of their live show, the band has quickly risen to the top of the Detroit rock scene.
On New Day Revolutions newest EP, The American Dream Is a Lie, they continue to demonstrate their strong songwriting skills with passion filled messages. Andrew’s guitar riffs cut through skin and muscle like a serrated knife. Dakota’s vocals are smothered in earnestness and gasoline; all while the rhythm of Marc and Anthony remain steady and powerful like a runaway train. With the help of producer John Kay (Koffin Kats), songs such as Bury It Down, Demon In You, and Rattlesnake are windows into the life of the struggling working class musician. Subjects including finding a decent job, paying your bills on time, keeping your head up during the dark times, and still finding the chance to create and experience the joyous side of life are expressed on the disc. The American Dream Is a Lie is an intense, but honest, look at culture today.
New Day Revolution’s goal was to always mix powerful songs with an intense live show. With the release of The American Dream Is a Lie, the band plans on continuing that same path. While that mission may have started in Detroit, the band has every intention to spread their message to the rest of the world.

New Day Revolution
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