Neil and Adam

Neil and Adam

Neil and Adam are:
Neil McCloskey and Adam Hilligardt.

St. Louis, Missouri.


The duo have an interesting background in music with Neil’s cousin/Godfather, Tony Saputo, being the drummer with Country superstar Reba McEntire’s band, who was sadly one of the 7 of her band members killed in a plane crash in 1991, and Adam’s father, Fred Hilligardt, was a songwriter for Motown (1975 – 1980).

“We love reaching people through our music, and understand the importance of music in people’s lives. We are driven to reach and touch as many ears and hearts as possible. We have always loved playing live music over the years, but our true calling seemed to always be songwriting. We played clubs and venues all over the place, but nothing ever compared to the gratification we felt when finishing a real honest song that people could identify with.”

‘Everything is Alright’ won the duo “singer–songwriter/pop – best song” in the June 2015, Los Angeles based, Akademia Music Awards.

The duo have had 2 singles out to date: ‘Everything is Alright’ and ‘Leave This Town (Acoustic), with their third ‘Walk Away’ being released imminently (as at April 3rd 2016).

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Neil and Adam
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