Near Ruin

Near Ruin




A super band indeed playing some of the best modern symphonic power rock we have herd in ages reminding me of Bring Me The Horizon Manowar etc.We love these guys there fast furious and bloody awesome. Vocally supreme, Lyrically superb and the music is to die for. These guys in our eyes will be going places. A must listen to.


Hailing from South East England, alternative metalcore band Near Ruin blend synth, piano, melodic and hardcore influences to deliver their own unique edge to the modern music scene. With a burning passion for the music they write and deliver, Near Ruin strive to bring memorable and active live performances every time to their fans.  This four piece have supported signed acts such as The Defiled, Blaze Bayley and Silent Decent. They have considerable gigging experience to preforming at MCM Comic Con 2014. With dates booked for the 02 Islington London. Near Ruin are dedicated to prompting the gigs they play and often arrange gig swaps with likeminded bands etc.

Marcus Kidner – Lead Vocals,

Guitar. Simon Beck – Keys, Guitars,

Vocals. Luke Knight – Bass, Vocals.

Tim Morgan – Drums.


Near Ruin
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