Music In Translation


Music In Translation
Formed in 2014, 3 piece alternative rock outfit Music In Translation manage to combine 80’s driving synth pop with the raw, bleeding rock of the late 60’s and the edge and attitude of late 70’s punk. All hailing from the same town of Lymington in the New Forest, UK, they have been setting their local south coast scene buzzing with their second single Summer Salvation, receiving radio play, and a massive amount of support on social media.
In the best sense of the word, Music In Translation are a democracy, with all 3 members penning both lyrics and music, as their eclectic mix of influences, ranging from Bowie and Adam Ant to Hendrix and The Doors, combine to produce something that is more than the sum of its parts. From the driving bass lines of Jake Chambers, the screaming guitar and vocals from Poj Pusey and poetic lyrics and ethereal vocals from Nikki Pusey, they are the band to watch as they rise in leaps and bounds with each new release and gig.

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Music In Translation
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