Mosley Bar

Mosley Bar


Superb rock/pop/indie band and I mean superb. With an almost melodic flow yet with that modern indie sound these guys have hit the nail on the head when it comes to a great style, Not only are they very pleasing to listen to, they also have the knack to pull you in portraying a story with every song. Lyrically superb, Vocally supreme and the music is just pure brilliance indeed. A must have for any collection.


A young Indie/rock/pop band from North West England (Skelmersdale/Wigan area). Wanting to continue to write and perform after the break up of Ryan & Matthew’s previous band . They got together with Tim at the beginning of the year and wrote and rehearsed until they had enough material to start gigging again in July. Adam joined in June to make the quartet. We recorded 2 tracks back in August, the 1st of which ‘Record Sleeve’ to be released 12th Oct.

Although aged between 17 & 20 we have been described as ‘a band well versed in the art of mainstream indie pop but their intricately layered tracks have got an individualism that sets their sound apart, giving them an identity all of their own’.

Band Members: Ryan Ward (guitar/Vocals), Matthew Wright (Drums), Tim Williams (Bass) & Adam Eccleston (guitar)

Mosley Bar
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