Moses Nose

Moses Nose



Fantastic rock band with that supersonic old school rock sound combined with that modern twist. These guys rock big time Im really digging them. They are fast paced energetic and damn right awesome. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music kicks ass.


Since the release of their first full length album, “The Burning Bush”, Moses Nose has been sharpening their teeth in anticipation for another successful tour of the West Coast. During their tenure as one of Central California’s most promising musical groups, they have risen to notoriety through a combination of skilled song writing, wicked musicianship, and performance antics with special guest appearances by your local police force.Their modest hopes to change the world one show at a time are exemplified in each conversation and every toke of the pipe to the last light of each of their lives.

Are you prepared for tight hits and loose lips?
Are you ready for a massive sound and heavy riffs?
Can you leave behind that world for your chance at this?

We are coming to your town;
You may have to.
Rock or be rocked upon


Moses Nose
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