Superb old school metal band, raw pure and awesome just as metal should be, With mind blowing highs and lows and touchy slight punkish feel to the vocals make these guys stand out from any crowd. Reminds us of a cross beetween AC/DC and Iron maiden. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music rocks.


In 2013 Doug Walker (The Hookers, Nixon) started writing material for a new project. The idea was to be a metal project with heavy reference to the mid 70’s early 80s era of metal. He started corresponding with Aaron Howell (MF Ruckus, White Fudge) and they began work on recording the material in the summer.
In November Doug recruited local musicians Ben Pincock (Generator, GFI), Jono Lanasa (Zombie Cartel, Prevailer). 2014 marked the inaugural year of shows.
Monolith`s mission is to play what they like to call “Pure Metal”, overdriven guitars, soaring vocals, facemelting solos, and lower production value than most current metal acts in order to keep the feel of the early days of metal. Monolith have played with: Pentagram, Jucifer, The Dwarves, Reverend Horton Heat, Sepultura, Clutch, Zeke, Anti-Seen, Avail, Electric Wizard, Torche, High on Fire, and many many more.

Monolith is:
Aaron Howell (Vocals)
Doug Walker (Guitar)
Jared Bliss (Guitar)
Ben Pincock (Drums)
David Ortuno (Bass)

New album due out… Against The Wall Of Forever Feb 10 2015

Its not often that a wide array of musical styles can come together so well. “Against The Wall Of Forever” is catchy, thrashy, punky southern fried Heavy Metal goodness. Angry , assaultive heavy rock, bursting with effective and pointed songwriting. It has serious Heavy Metal groove plus some anger and aggression thrown in for fun. Monolith homages the music they refer to as “Pure Metal”. Over-driven guitars, soaring vocals, and face-melting solos all tied in to keep the feel of the early days of Metal.
Featuring album art by Matthew Haas, “Against the Wall of Forever” was recorder at L.I.E Studios in San Marcos, CA and produced by Wiley Miranda. It also features 8 new high-flying tracks that will make you feel as if you’ve time traveled to when British Heavy Metal ruled supreme. Monolith features current and former members of: The Hookers, MF Ruckus, The Embalmers, Zombie Cartel, and Nixon.


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