Mirro – Or full name Rich Mirro ia a keyboardist vocalist songwriter and a very good one, his main style could be classed as hard rock pop alternative but theirs also a touch of folk blues in there which makes the great vocals and lyrics even better, His voice reminds us of  a cross between Ozzie Osbourne, REM, Stone Sour especially on his ballads, which are fantastic. We cant fault this guy for shear talent pulling an array of sounds together to make some fantastic music.


Mirro Is a Long Island native and has been playing and writing music since his youth. His influences range from Iron Maiden, Rush, Zebra and Carol King to name a few. He enjoys the creative process and seeing the final end result. He has played with a few local Long Island bands over the years and this is his first attempt on a solo project. He’s currently recording his first solo Ep which should be out on itunes soon.





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