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Superb power metal band and we mean power, they have it all with there fast paced riffs great lyrics they truly are awesome. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music just rocks full of raw power. A must check out band.


The Power metal band Milta from the Northern part of Sweden started in 2014 with a recording session.
Milta are a brand new band so further recording session starts in February 2015 to have enough material for an album.
After just releasing a few songs on some sites on the internet (autumn 2014) the response have been fantastic. Internetradiostations in many countries have played the music, noticed by metalblogs, guest DJ:s on metalexpressradio, and also labels that already have been interested.
The Bandname Milta comes from a role-game on the internet created by the singers brother.
The game took part in the land of Milta where warriors, dragons, druids and heroes where fighting together and against the evil forces.
The music of Milta starts where the game ended.



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