Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins

Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins



Wow a fantastic Mike LePond brings you  Silent Assassins. WTF got to be one of the best albums this year by far. I am a huge fan of Mikes stuff and often play it on my shows, he puts the wow in the wow and this new album is no acception at all. Full of mind blowing riffs, fast paced vocals of both today and yesteryear there truly is something for every metal fan. The talent is never ending from Mike and he has to be one of the only artists that gets me excited to see what he brings out next, but this album will be a hard one beat. Vocally supersonic, Lyrically superb and the music will blow you away.


Introducing, for the first time, Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins, a fantastic heavy, power metal album that combines all influences of Mike LePond’s favorite bands from the past and present. This album is packed with kick ass vocals, scorching riffs and epic styling – there’s something in there for any style of metal head!

Well, it’s been an amazing two year Journey. Waking up late at night with melodies pounding in my brain, writing lyrics on coffee stained napkins, and obsessing over riffs for hours like a lunatic! But to see the fruits of my blood, sweat and tears finally come to life makes it all worth it. This CD is all me. I wrote all the music, and all the lyrics. It is one of the most satisfying things I have ever done and I can’t wait to share it with you.

The name of the project and album is “Mike LePond’s SILENT ASSASSINS”. It is a heavy metal/power metal record that combines all the influences of my favorite bands from the past and present. It is a full hour of headbanging riffs, kick ass vocals, and epic tales. There is something in there for any style of metal you enjoy! Metal Mike(Halford, Testament) and Michael Romeo are on lead guitars. Alan Tecchio(Hades, Seven Witches, Watchtower) is on vocals. I played bass and rhythm guitar. The album will be released worldwide on September 26th 2014 via Mike’s own label through Knife Fight Media (Kamelot, Grip Inc, Christian Death) and in Europe via UDR ( Motörhead, Saxon).

What the press is saying…………………… “Mike LePond proves his worth is far greater than that of just a bassist, and on Silent Assassins fans will get a glimpse into the true brilliance of this artist” – Metal Exiles

“This is classic heavy metal at its finest! The pounding bass of LePond is in focus here, just as much as you would expect Joey DeMaio’s bass to be in Manowar. But let there be no doubt; this solo effort from Mike LePond is lightyears better than everything Manowar have done the last 25 years. I think that what this all comes down to, is that this album pretty much sums up who Mike LePond is, and what has formed him into the great player musician and songwriter he is. True Heavy Metal, no less! Play it loud! “ – Scream Magazine

Even if Mike LePond doesn’t show off, we can hear all along the record the obsessing (not far from Mårten Hagström of Meshuggah) or galloping (akin to the iconic Steve Harris of Iron Maiden) rhythm of his bass, which adds even more tension to the metallic magma. The rhythm guitars played in the tremolo fashion, and galloping as well, were also performed by Mike, another way to show that he is the one who is the mastermind behind this tribute to traditional heavy metal. http://metaldevastationradio.com/…/silent-assassins-from-mi…

This album is a winner on every front. What I haven’t touched on is LePond’s outstanding job with the lyrical content of the album – every track is interesting, and the themes are uplifting even in their darkest moments. I’m guessing this guy is a reader – you can’t write like this if you haven’t read.” — Steve Goldby MetalTalk.net

“An ode to classic metal passion and prowess, ‘Silent Assassins’ is a sublime release and a quality example of undiluted current music, constructed by undeniably talented individuals.This record has potential to be a standout release of 2015 and mark a new era of LePond’s musical journey, and rightfully so.” – Soundclash.com

“Mike LePond is a bass wizard and we all know that . And when someone as good as him teams up with a legendary singer like Alan Tecchio ( Hades ,Seven Witches ,Watchtower ) you surely are in for some pure metal magic.This album also features Mike’s Symphony X bandmate and Ace Guitarist Michael Romeo.who just delivers to his full potential. Silent assasins is an album you just can’t ignore and the best thing about it is that the music is so strong and exemplary.

The album starts off with “Apocalypse Rider” , a track that is a fiiting start to the album.High octane and lively the track is more than a starter.It definately sets the ball rolling.What follows after that is no less than what we can call a Magnum Opus. The track “The Quest” is a monster.It will leave you transfixed.It is a masterpiece and probably the best track in the album.But did the music end there? No way.!! “The Outsider ” is as good if not better. What follows is pure bliss and come “Ragnarok” you will make out why Alan Tecchio is one of the best .His vocals on this one exceeds all expectations and also the bass lines are extraordinary.

The album is an absolutely honest and a commendable effort on Mike’s part. You just cannot neglect this one.The album may not be one of the most hyped album but it surely is one of the best metal albums in a long time. Mike proves why he is one of the best around at what he does.TWO THUMBS UP TO SILENT ASSASSINS!!!!” –By #Anylouder

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Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins
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